Superb Experience in Wooden House Dalat

If you choose Dalat to be the destination for your vacation this summer, Wooden House will be a very brilliant idea. It is beautiful, there are plants everywhere and the interior is really nice. You wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off those green trees and lovely flower arrangement.

Another great point is that they have an organic garden, where you can visit and enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables picking from the garden yourself. It is really fantastic. Eating them while they are still fresh and clean make visitors, especially those vegetarians, feel like their appetites were indulged. Some even claim that after flying back home, they still find it excited to wait for the next trip to Dalat and enjoy those things again.

Let’s face it. A meal is a meal – but some stand out more than others. In the food business, attention to detail is everything – greeters, clean tables, friendly servers, good menu selection, agreeable prices, generous portions and plates served with “eye” appeal.

This place has it all. All the way down to clean restrooms with fresh rolled hand towels. Attractive decor and surroundings. Do yourself a favor and get on over there – you can thank me later. The Broccoli quiche with salad and noodles with veggies is the best.

If visiting at the beginning of the autumn, you’ll find it especially comfortable and romantic. A diner under the candlelight with beautiful flowers, wines, and a couple of special dishes would take you out of this world to escape into a heaven on Earth.

Frank Will

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