Tips to Become a Savvy Traveler

During my short life I have the privilege to say I’ve had the most amazing traveling experiences. And if there’s something I’ve learnt, it’s how to travel like a pro. Here are some tips that’ll help you become a savvy traveller.

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Summer Time Beside Peaceful River

Perhaps you’ve wondered what it was like to ride a bicycle off a windswept English pier in the early 20th century. Compared to Biarritz, France, this has been an ideal home to several famous piers.

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Road Trip: An Open Adventures to Norway

Norway’s roads, bridges and tunnels are sparkling examples of their builders’ skill and tenacity, but they shrink to scratches on the mile-high cliffs if you look up a little. Enjoy yourself as best as you can while being here.

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Imagination is the eye of the soul.

Joseph Joubert

Indulge in the Beach of Miami, Florida

On your next visit to the beautiful part of the Gold Coast, why not indulge in all things sea, sand, and fun? After all, that is what this region is all about: sea, sand, and fun, fun, fun! Here are a few beach ideas to help you.

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Walkway Through the Forest in Danish

Designed by local architecture studio EFFEKT for the forest’s adventure park, Camp Adventure, the structure is a sort of High Line for nature lovers. Visitors will make their way via twirling pathways and bridges.

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